Bullgod could have called but he chose to embarrass me publicly- Efya

Renowned Ghanaian singer, Efya has revealed she felt humiliated by Bullgod’s statement alluding that she is only interested in partying with Wizkid rather than joining him to perform on international stages.

Bullgod had in a Facebook post a few weeks ago expressed his disappointment at some Ghanaian musicians, including Efya, for failing to take chances to market their work on international platforms.

“So R2Bees and Efya can chill with Wizkid anytime he’s in Ghana but can’t join him on international stages an showcase their talents?” Bullgod had posted.

Reacting to Bullgod’s statement in an interview on UTV’s ‘Atuu’ with Abeiku, “The Best in Me” hitmaker stated that despite the notion, she talks business and more with Wizkid. However, she chooses not to disclose that on television.

“We talk business and music when we are together but I will not come on television to spill the beans, she said.

According to Efya, she has a very good relationship with Bullgod, and he could have sent her the message privately, instead of taking to social media to express his disappointment.

“I know Bulldog, he could have chosen to call me but he decided to sit on social media and say that to embarrass me,” she expressed.

She continued; “How does that help me as an artiste mentally, negativity I will not pay attention to it, I only reacted to it so that people, my fans will know that I’m not letting them down by not going through to that particular show and everyone should should just concentrate on the shows I am on.”

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