I love the colour black because I’m a “witch”- Efya

Ghanaian singer, Efya has revealed that she likes the colour black because she identifies as a “witch.”

According to Efya, her fondness for the colour black is due to the fact that it blends well with every other colour, and also because she’s a witch.

“I feel like it blends with every other colour. I think black is something that fits most of the time. Also, I like it because I’m a witch,” Efya said in a recent interview with Doreen Avio on Joy Prime.

I have insomnia don’t really sleep at night, and it’s been like that for a very long time. So, I figured I might as well make it cool because I’m a very Nokturnal being and I come alive at night. Most of the time, I like to work late at night because it’s quiet, there’s no cars, there’s a lot of different energies going around and think it’s better to catch them at that time for creativity,” the songstress added.

Watch video below;

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