“I would have ban his music for a certain period” – Blakk Rasta to Sarkodie over his response to Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian reggae artist cum radio presenter, Blakk Rasta has expressed his disappointment at Sarkodie’s response to Yvonne Nelson’s abortion allegations.

In the latest episode of UTV’s ‘United Showbiz’, Blakk Rasta shared his thoughts on the trending issue and specifically expressed his disappointment at Sarkodie’s response to the issue, stating that he was immature.

“Sarkodie refused to see that this is a woman who was born without a father, up till now she is looking for her father.

“The book says “I am not Yvonne Nelson.” The problem is not the Yvonne, it is the Nelson there. This is a woman who has gone through hell, she almost won Miss Ghana but something happened,” he expressed.

He continued; “I expected the cooperate Sarkodie who wants everybody to see that he is the industry darling boy, the so cooperate and gentleman coming out with this vulgarity “you are from the streets” so you slept with a street girl right? You are immature, when you read the Bible you find out that there were prophets whom God sent to marry prostitutes,” he said.

According to Blakk Rasta, he’s impressed with Yvonne’s book because it addressed a lot of issues.

“These are times, you never look down on people like that, who advises Sarkodie? Yvonne wrote a masterpiece, when I read the book I feel so good, there were some names I wish she could mention, like some Nigerian issues and how some actresses were lesbians and some taking drugs and all that, I wish all those would come out, but Sarkodie’s response is nothing and if I had my own way, I would strip him off all his ambassadorial deals, and I would ban his music for a certain period”, he added.

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