“You don’t have to sleep with people, God makes provision for man” – Gospel Minister IOna Reine

Ghanaian secular musician cum minister of the gospel has cautioned ladies to desist from sleeping with people for money.

The singer in a live video advised young ladies to pray to God and work hard for it’s only by that God can fulfill his promises into their lives.

She recommended speaking in tongues can trigger the mercies of God to touch the heart of a believer to surprise one unexpected.

Sharing her own ordeal when her home got flooded, she said God used someone as a vessel to accommodate her family for 3 months.

Watch live video


The singer has for a while denounce her love for secular music and is now championing the gospel of Christ. She has been consistent telling the world about God and his mercies upon her life.

Talking about how mustabation took part of her life away, her reconciliation with Christ has

made her overcome that weakness.

IOna Reine has a new worship medley out. Watch now

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