Trusting online gaming sites is a risky gamble. Between vicious scammers who post fake offers on internet to lure non-vigilant bettors and fraudulent gambling houses which operate in unregulated marketby abusing players, it becomes increasingly difficult to play and bet online.
BetPavillion Africa and Responsible Gaming
Respecting the regulations relating to the Responsible Gaming code and holding the appropriate licenses to operate as an online gaming company, BetPavillionAfrica presents itself as a reliable portal for internet and mobile online gaming and betting.
BetPavillion Africa: the King of online gaming
Become financially free while having fun? This is exactly one of the maxims of this online gaming and betting portal. Innovative, passionate and ambitious, BetPavillion Africa offers its users an impressive range of popular games to play online or live.
Enjoy an unique and incredible moment on BetPavillion Africa
Well known in Europe and Asia, BetPavillionAfrica, promises to provide its users with a unique, incredible and unforgettable experience anywhere and anytime. This is, moreover, the first objective of the company which intends to revolutionize the gaming and online betting industry by positioning itself in a few years as the number 1 portal of this lucrative market.
BetPavillion Africa or the winning opportunity
BetPavillion Africa is the first gaming portal offering a partnership model to its users. Inspired by network marketing, this win-win partnership allows an active gambler to become an agent of the business by recruiting more players and earning more.

In other words, the company offers its users the opportunity to become a Godfather for newcomers and thus make more money. Also, the player holding the Godfather level will become a BetPavillion agent who will have the opportunity to create other GodFather in his Gaming network and so on.

BetPavillion’s Games
BetPavillion Africa offers games of Poker, Bingo, Lotteries, Sports betting, Online casinos and Horse racing betting to play live, in tournaments or virtual.
Popular games
These are the most played online:
• Fashion Secret
• Sports Bet
• World of Diamonds
• Crazy Monkey
Casual games
Pleasant and friendly, they are similar to board games:
• Fishing God
• Freecell
Casino games
Offered for the most part in a casino atmosphere with in the background, the voices of customers and the noise of machines, these games are within the reach of anyone, whether novice or experienced.
• The BlackJack
• Poker
• Roulette
• Keno, etc.
Table games
These are mainly card games.
• Baccarat
• Football Studio
• Casino Roulette
• Caribbean Hold’em
• Aces & Eights
Sports betting games
The sports betting games offered on BetPavillionAfrica also have the best odds in the online gaming and betting industry. Do not hesitate to bet on your favorite teams (LaLiga or BundesLiga) while watching a match of :
• Soccer
• Cricket
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Tennis
BetPavillion Africa offers
The creators of BetPavillion Africa have done their best to improve the player experience and retain their loyalty. They therefore propose:
– The possibility of betting live during matches or casino games or others,
– A complete database for better betting as well as relevant advices to improve your game,
– Promos and bonuses such as:
• A bonus upon registration
• A bonus on the first deposit of money
• 30% of the bet money returned if you play between Friday and Sunday
• 35% free bonus on weekends, etc.
How to play on BetPavillion Africa?
To play on the BetPavillion Africa platform, you must :
Phase 1
Register by clicking on this linkhttps://www.africa.betpavillion.com/ and followingthe instructions
Phase 2
Wait for your credentials, which you will receive by email and be notified by direct message coming from the Bet Pavillion customers service which number is +233 59 147 1186.
Phase 3
Once you have your password and username (credential), go on the website to activate your BetPavillion account by signing in (with your credential).
Phase 4
Choose a game and play to win.
To play online
• Click on Live
• Select your game
• Choose with video or without video according to your preferences and click on the icon appropriate to your choice
• Click on the box that suits you and start the game
How do I deposit or withdraw money on BetPavillionAfrica?
Betting online involves using money from a virtual wallet. Generally available on a bank card, virtual money is rather used from Mobile Money accounts in Africa.
Aware of this and concerned about the safety of its users, BetPavillion has teamed up with quality partners whose mission is to facilitate the deposit or withdrawal of money from a Mobile Money account to the site by bettors.
Deposit or Withdrawal in African Englishcountries with Spektra
Spektra is the official provider of BetPavillion Africa for African English countries such as Sierra-Leonne or Ghana.
To make a deposit using Spektra, simply click on the following link https://spektra.me/@bet-pavilionand follow the instructions to deposit on your Bet Pavillion Africa account.
• Click on Withdrawal on Bet Pavillion account dashboard.
• Fill the Withdrawal form.
• Bet Pavillion Africa will send you a confirmation email through mail.
• Credit your mobile money account with Withdrawal amount.
Deposit or Withdrawal in African French countries with EziPAY
EziPAY is the only official provider of BetPavilionAfrica for African French countries such as Benin, Burkina-Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Togo and Mali.
• To make a deposit using EziPAY, simply click on the following link https://linktr.ee/ezipaysarl and follow the instructions to download the application or you can just download the application on Google Play Store or App Store or visit the website.
• Fill the forms to create your account.
• Put money on your EziPAY wallet using your mobile money number or your main card code.
• Make a deposit on your Bet Pavillion Africa Account
• Click on Withdrawal on Bet Pavillion account dashboard.
• Fill the Withdrawal form.
• Bet Pavillion Africa will send you a confirmation email through mail.
• Credit your mobile money account with Withdrawal amount.
If any issues, call the Bet Pavillion Africa customers service +233 59 147 1186 for assistance.
BetPavillion thinks about the mental security of its users
In order to protect its users, BetPavillion has strict rules which impose a minimum age of 18 on all players. Also, since online games and betting can be addictive for some people, the company has linked up with health associations and support groups to help anyone with risky behavior to find normal mental stability and balance. Of course, any gambling or betting activity on the site will be prohibited for the individual during their rehab period.
Then go to https://www.africa.betpavillion.com/ to play and good luck !!!
Source : Bet Pavillion Africa

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