Emperor T-Jiga and The Akwaaba Ensemble Thrilled Audience at “White Mountain School” with Traditional Music & Dance.

Over the week, the Akwaaba Ensemble had a great performance at the White Mountain School where they thrilled audience in amazement as they enjoyed Traditional African Music and Dance.

The occasion which was tailored to sharing love, dancing, enjoying music and appreciating the African Culture featured great personalities like Emperor T-Jiga, Nii Osendah Teshie, Namory Keita, Joshua Williams and Abou Sylla who gave out great performances.

The Akwaaba Ensemble is an energetic group which performances are a reflection of their name, which means ‘welcome’ in the Twi language of the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. At each performance the Ensemble brings Highlife music, West African drumming and dance to vivid life which is their hallmark.

Akwaaba Ensemble has toured internationally and performed on many stages in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. They have performed at theaters, fairs, festivals, weddings, school settings, Drumming and Dancing workshops in the community, and often collaborate with other musicians across the world.

The group has over the years been consistent with exporting African culture to the rest of the world and has contributed to popularizing Traditional Music and Dance.

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