Enquire more from FB, Tik Tok reps not Just Hangouts – Kelly Mensa to Gh Government

Entertainment analyst and digital media consultant Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa has admonished the government of Ghana through the ministry of communication to sit up and create avenues for Ghanaians to take control over the Ghanaian internet space instead of foreigners taking charge.

Through a Facebook post made, the media guru says he’s not impressed with the several meetings held between Ghanaians influencers and Nigerians Instagram and tiktok executives.

He quizzed the ministry of communication and Ministry of Information if they are satisfied with foreigners having autonomy over the Ghanaian media space and is very important if the two ministries have real conversations with these executives instead of a mere dinner event.

Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa’s advocacy is for Ghanaians to real web space independence where Ghanaian culture and lifestyle can be well projected and represented by the Ghanaian people.

This was what Kelly Mensa wrote on his timeline.

“After weeks of my rants about Ghana having control over our internet space, two major developments have happened.

First, TikTok executives for Anglo West Africa organised some sort of hangout between GH and Nigerian influencers. I’m sure you’ve seen some GH TikTok influencers doing azaaa comic videos with them. Is this what our TikTok space needs? NO!!

Yesterday also, I got a call that Facebook (Meta), IG executives from Nigeria are in Ghana for a hangout with Ghanaian IG influencers and to send a report to owners in the USA, West African executives handling Ghana’s space are truly in charge and we aren’t complaining about our own space or anything. Great move. Kudos to the executives. I respect them a lot but I’m not impressed.

What I can tell you is advocacy works. I’m not impressed cos fraternising is not what Ghana needs, but real web-space independence.

Dear Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation Ghana, are you aware of these two important events about how digital brands work on our online space? Are you satisfied with the fact that we don’t control our space?”

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Kelly Mensa’s rant is all because, there has been some speculations of foreigners manipulating algorithms to favour their country’s content creators instead of being fair to artiste doing well with music and content creation and Ghana in over the years has suffered from this fate all because Ghanaians don’t have representations across those media.

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