ExDoe and Chicago finally settled their differences after years of misunderstanding


Ghanaian rapper and artist ExDoe earlier today on O.K FM explained to the media how the beef he had with Chicago an Ewe artist who was once a close fans to ExDoe. During the interview with Abieku Santana, the two artist explained as to how and why their beef started.

Chicago explained that their first song titled ‘ Daavi Medekuku ‘ was a song ExDoe featured him on but was denied the accolades both on stages and interviews.

ExDoe also explained that he got furious after finding out that Chicago was working on the same record label he left due to misunderstanding after he Chicago knew about it. ExDoo later stated that he also got information on the record label Chicago was working with that his songs where not selling and so he used that as a weapon against him and recorded the first beef song ‘Ayeka’ which also throw shoots at Ghanaian rap grandfather Reggie Rockstone.

……Watch out for the new songs says ExDoe and Chicago….

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