Fearless Slay Queen Unleashes Filthy Acts Done By Fellow Slayers

Never was it realized to be a more admired and influenced lifestyle some years back but with time, it has become a more followed practice by both the elite and the non-elite. Some relationship experts even regard it as ‘prostitution remodified’ because to them most of these ladies into this practice are far from being wealthy.

Interestingly, it seems Queen Mona alias Mona Gucci, a self-acclaimed ‘slay queen’ has exposed the kind of demeaning or awful things her fellow ‘slayers’ do both in Ghana and beyond. Mona, a legal practitioner as well in her interview on Entertainment Ghana on Neat FM revealed some disgusting things these slay queens do to survive.

Put in the tight corner by Ola, the host, she bold said, ‘There are three levels of slaying. The first level- the are the fake and unknown people with nothing but just borrow stuff from others to show off.

The second level- they are also the ones who like to buy expensive things but realistically, the income from their works or jobs can’t afford such things so rather they depend on rich men to spend on them and give sex in return.

The third level- they are those who can buy anything they want because they genuinely work, have the money to buy such things but the people in this category are few.’ She further categorized the female stars in this slaying business.

According to her, Akuapem Polo, Nana Akua, Nadia Buari, Zynnel, Nana McBrown, Afia Schwar, Delay, Xandy Kamel, and Tracy Boakye aren’t in the slaying register. Simply they aren’t a queen in the slay nation

Rather, names like Jackie, Yvonne Nelson, Sandra Ankobiah, Yvonne Okoro, Moesha, Benedicta Gafa, Salman, Shingles, Jocelyn Dumas, Nana Aba, Serwaa Amihere and herself are the top queens in this business but still depend on big men to an extent for survival. Globetrotting, shopping in expensive shops, and driving luxurious cars.

Controversially, she referred to Nana Aba Anamoah as their ‘mother’ in this cartel because she is well versed in pimping. ‘Her pimping protége is Serwaa Amihere. I would love to be pimped by her as well’, she happily said.

On the kind of things, they do as slayers. Mona said they get deals either get through their agents or management or fortunately directly through their clientele. We have clients in both Ghana, Nigeria, and Dubai.

Shockingly, Queen Mona said Ghanaian men don’t pay as compared to their Nigerian counterparts. On their desperate sojourning to Dubai for Arab money, she uttered, ‘Sometimes, the Ghanaian and Nigerian men want to have dinner with you and later strike a sex party deal with you. For the Dubai men, they really spend a lot especially on African ladies because they are poor and will do all kinds of unpleasant sexual activities with them such as orgy, threesome, anal sex, blow job, cunnilingus, leg sex, and bestiality(sex with animals).

Mona, who lives in the US as well said most of the female stars on TV, radio and movies aren’t that rich but depend on rich men so nobody should be deceived because all that glitters isn’t gold.

Emphatically, she said, ‘Among the female stars, Jackie Appiah is leading in this business because she gets a lot of deals from her clients especially from Dubai Also, the big men prefer light-skinned ladies and this is influencing the ladies to change skin color and they crave for their Instagram accounts to be verified since it’s a very noticeable means of being engaged by clients across the world.’ Readers, isn’t this ‘slay queening’ prostitution remodified? It’s a debate

Written by Dannie Black

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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