Ghana Music Industry lacks recognition due to the absence of investors – Shegah laments


Singer Shegah, member of Ghana’s first female Hiplife group,has spoken out about the lack of investors in the Ghana music industry, highlighting the challenges faced by musicians in securing funding for their projects and advancing their careers.

According to the dancehall diva financial shortfalls threatens Ghana’s music business.

Speaking in an interview with Dj Toxic on Peace Fm, Shegah indicated that in order for Ghana Music to get to greater heights, huge investments need to be made.

Shegah has lamented the fact that many musicians are forced to finance their own projects, often relying on income from live performances and merchandise sales to fund their music.

” Without the backing of investors, musicians are limited in their ability to produce high-quality music, market themselves effectively, and reach a wider audience” she added.

She mentioned, the lack of financial support has hindered the growth of the industry and prevents talented musicians from realizing their full potential.

The founder of music group Tripple M Shegah, however pleaded with stakeholders in the music industry, including government agencies, corporate sponsors, and private investors, to recognize the potential of Ghanaian music and provide the necessary support and funding to propel the industry forward and ensure the success of its talented musicians.

Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson / Virgin Blogger

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