High level of illiteracy in Ghana has cost our country a lot and retarded its growth – Akosua Mega Writes


A land rich in minerals and timber yet still developing after more than 60years of independence. Per interaction with people the educational system is a factor and also the attention not paid to our creative arts and the believe that made in Ghana products are not the best but rather foreign goods are better and preferred them to the locally made ones

On many occasions, people do put the foreign slippers and shoes on their shoe rags and the locally made ones outside claiming that the locally made ones are of low quality and therefore do not deserve to be on their shoe rags

The educated ones see themselves as superior to the uneducated ones, they tend to infringe on their rights and cheat them most at times.

If I may ask, if an Ghanaian who can’t speak English or speaks bad English is an illiterate what about a white man who can’t speak our local tongue, is he also an illiterate?

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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