Iona Reine Spotted Chopping love in Pool with East Legon boyfriend, Could this be Love?

Ghanaian music icon Mercy Onuawonto Sam popularly known as IOna Reine in a Facebook post sighted by Youngprs is seen having a romantic moment with a supposed East legon boyfriend.

The music star in her post captioned it “Love catch you before?” has raised a lot of eyebrows if she’s has fallen for the gentleman seen together with.

The midwife and a proud mother of two has over then years had a lot of controversies which has raised media attention especially with her looks being accused of deliberately mimicking the late ebony.

IOna Reine has “Man down”, “Obra”, “Someha”, Chop block, Gyaime and couple of good songs to her credit and are doing so well on her platforms.

Enjoy her recent single below

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