It’s better to be a Slay Queen who gets 10k likes than a Professional Model who get 20 likes

Ghanaian fashion designer Ellisha Boie of Boie&Bill fashion house who is well known to be very active on social media throws shots to awaken the sleeping fashion models.

In a conversation with kobbygossips.com he said that it’s better to be a Slay Queen who gets 1k to 10k per picture posted than a “Professional Model” who does not even get 20 likes in an hour when a picture is posted.

He further adviced fellow fashion models to be active on social media as well because to him numbers really matters in this new era of fashion.

Gone are the days when you stay in your homes and people run after you, in this 21st century fashion models should be more relevant online, have the numbers, it’s not about the body shape and size anymore. The numbers really matters now.

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