Lion Heart Security Officer Saves NIB Bank From Armed Robbery Operation



The heroics of the security guard on duty helped saved the National Investment Bank sums of cash from a planned robbery operation in their Tema branch.


The Lion Heart Security officer who was on night shift went through his regular checks just to ensure the bank was secured from any potential theft, as he was checking he realized a huge sum of cash was left in the teller area of the bank unlocked, so the Security guard smartly picked the cash and hid in one of the secured vehicles around the bank with the intention of informing the branch Manager in the morning about what he had seen overnight.

Little did the Security guard know there was going to be a robbery attack on the bank same night.

As the robbers broke in, they went directly to the desk where the cash had been left by a female teller of the bank before she left office, cash she had recorded as saved in the system. The guard on duty blew an alarm to alert the cops about the attempted robbery that caused the robbers flee the premises.


The Supervising security officer who was the day guard had left and the situation was so critical so it never came into the mind of the duty guard to inform his supervisor but rather delivered the cash to the branch manager for proper entry.

In other situations the security officer could have hidden the cash and pretended it was robbed but professionally submitted the cash to the bank.


The teller has been arrested and currently under investigation for leaving that amount of cash that had CCTV camera show was left at the exact location the armed robbers searched after breaking into the bank premises. is still following this story.

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