Meet Quami Lyrics the talented art from Kasoa breaking boundaries with his music


Budding Ghanaian artiste Isaac Addae popularly known as Quami Lyrics is an Afro pop, highlife,Afro beat and drill artiste residing in the hearts of Kasoa.

Talented Quami lyrics has won the heart of friends and fans with his music and looks very promising to being one of the most outstanding talents from the region.

With the few releases made, Quami lyrics has accumulated some fans to himself and is being praised by high industry gurus for his hard work and dexterity in his field of speciality.

In an exclusive interview his him, he expressed his excitement and the experience he had from industry players and gatekeepers and looking forward to making the best of music and impacting on the lives of people with his great tunes.

“I’m very humbled with what i have learnt from great industry personalities and looking forward to becoming the best version of myself.

He also express his desire to get his latest single “Cry“ to the masses and making waves across Ghana and beyond.

“I am very optimistic in putting Cry single out and putting in all the efforts to getting the people’s attention on the message”, Quami Lyrics asserted.

Speaking about challenges, he opened up on difficulties he encounters from recording to promotion, and looking forward to getting investors to support his craft.

Enjoy great tunes from Quami Lyrics below

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