Music Lovers Benchmark New female Artistes to Late Ebony- Euni Melo Laments

The fast rising underground female artist Euni Melo known as Teshie Rihanna of Naapk3 fame ( a song which is catching fire to catapult her fame) is believed to be stacked in the image of the Late Ebony.

Many music lovers have tauted her to be the next big thing in the female world of music in Ghana due to her deep but silky voice that lays beautifully verses of lyrics on beats.

However, many people seem not to see her as the unique lady musician she is.They liken her style of singing and performance to that of the late Ebony.
This is a phenomenon which is taking the shine away from the hard work she is putting into her craft.
Although, one out of constructive criticism can say that there are same resemblance between her dexterity on songs and that of Ebony, it seems one will also not be far from wrong by seeing her in the light of Ebony if the trend continues because she may continue to be stacked in Ebony’s image.

This is the reason she, (Euni Melo) posted on her Facebook page in order to solicit views from the populace why people scream Ebony’s name when she finish performing.

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