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NEW VIDEO: Obiba Sly Collins – My Redeemer (ft. Rama)


Veteran Ghanaian Singer, Obiba Sly Collins, gives us a reminder not to forsake The Lord.
In this video he sings a song of praise to The Almighty God for the good works He keeps doing for
him. Adding a powerful voice to this powerful song is a female voice, Rama. Rama Antwi, a former
TV3 Mentor Contestant featured on the song.
Video was shot and directed by David Wincott of Outline Films.
Watch the Video Here: https://youtu.be/zSqhvn2UwfE

Obiba Sly Collins Ft. Rama Antwi, My Redeemer (Otease)

Brother Michael, Wuda Martey ,
wo ni woyere mama Anita, nyame, nhyira mo
Rama, come let us praise the lord.
I give you thanks,Jahovah, my God, I give you thanks, Jahovah, my God ee,you are the Alpha, Omega,
you are the beginning, and the end, without you, Daddy, who am I? You protected me from the
hands of the evil one, you guided me, all the time,Ellohim I will worship you, Messiah, aaoh me
nyankonpon eee
Oh my redeemer, remember liveth, 2x

On my redeemer, redeemer eeeh 2x
Megyefo tiase daaa me nyame owu ye ooo, patagyekoboafo nyame ,titi nyame owu ye ooo, ote na
hengwa kronkron noso, re, dema ne nma daaa, wati,osi mamun nsuro, abiri ne abiri biara obo
moakyiridum, eno nti daa meyi naye,
Meyi na ye
Mesom nooo 2x
dabiaa mesum no oh, ,me di makoma nyinaa, metumtum no daa akwan nyinaramu, daa meyi naye,
dadiaa Mesom wowo nyame ee, menkwadaa, nyinaa 3ye woara Nana eeemedi besom wo ooh.

Ohene biara ne ho oni wo se daabi da ooo ahene mu hene wo, owura mu owura ne wo, judah mu
gyata ne wo otweredianpon eee.
Meyi naye,
Repeat the her first lead

The lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I,, who shall I fear, the lord is my strength of my
life, of whom, whom, shall I be afraid of, when the wicked ones, even my enemies, my foes, came
upon me, to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell
Oh my redeemer

Ah me Nyame tiase ee na owu ye ooh Ma Gyenkwa tiase, na Owu yeooo, Megyefo tiase Otease na
owuye oo
Yesu tiase oo, owu ye oo
Megyefo tiase dadadaa na owu ye ooo

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