Prolific Youth Actor, Charles Telus To Debut In Starlyt Series

Young and popular Ghanaian actor, Charles Telus is set to make his first appearance in the ground breaking series dubbed “Starlyt”.

Starlyt Series, which airs on Suncity Production’s YouTube Channel is a youth series about the world of the talented and gifted. The untouched factor of how the youth live towards achieving their goals and how rough and tough the journey can get. This wild story which is beautifully scripted by Josiah Buckman and directed by Andy K is centered on five friends who after throwing more light on their aspirations and the future they dream of had to deal with the challenges that comes with it, not forgetting the plots, the twists, the love, the betrayals, the hate and jealousy.
Yes, you have all of these cooked just for you.

In an interview with Charles Telus on ”The Spot With UrsTruly Praiz”, the talented actor seemed very enthusiastic about the success of the series and spoke about how well he was received on set by both crew and cast adding that, he was so beatific to meet these breed of young actors who were so hungry to learn more so as to do better.
Telus as well gave an account of the other heroes who are on the course of bringing their hearts together to make this series a powerful one for the populace consumption. These great ones are named below:

Bernard Amponsah- Producer
Portia Nusimebia -Assist Producer/Continuity
Maureen Annan- Production Manager
Andy Kportie – Director
Josiah Buckman – Script Writer / Assist Director
Asare Emmanuel – D.O.P.
Ralph Dhalson – Camera
Lloyd Grey – Sound
Derrick Asante – Light
Chris Chase- Music Coordinator
Nana Kwame – Dance Coordinator

Charles Telus went on to talk about how happy he is about the increasing number of youth productions. This he said is sure to help more youth to pursue their acting dreams and also make many youth relevant in the social space. He urged the youth to come together to work on more productions advising that “_your first season must not be an Oscar Winning Season, it doesn’t even matter how perfect it is, just shoot it and get it out there. Don’t worry about getting a hit or recognition for most series produced by NETFLIX, HBO or other big Movie Studios did not become a hit until after the Third Season and Money Heist is a classical example”._

__Right here in Ghana, Age 18 Series which stars Peter Awuni, Abigail Asante, Godsfriend Lartey, Bismarck Yankey and a many other talented youth actors is now a house hold name, and probably a yard stick to other youth productions did not get attention after the first season but the director, Bismarck Idan and his team never gave up despite all the challenges they faced over the years.
So do the first episode, do the second, continue and never stop”.__

Finally he stated that there is the need for everyone, especially Ghanaians to give young film makers the maximum support by just subscribing to the YouTube Channels, watching every episode, commenting and sharing it with others to do same as he believes this is by far one of the easiest ways you can encourage and invest in Ghanaian Youth Productions.

Youth Series to Watch on YouTube.

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Source: www.urstrulypraiznews.com

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