Revelations: Shouting Goal During Football Is Demonic – Onyame Nipa Michael To Maame Grace

Football game over the years have brought a lot of joy to people and also brought togetherness.

Watching football brings love and unity among individuals.

Qatar World Cup season is here and many countries are joyfully supporting their teams with love but there is a revelation about football.

According to the revelation, football is demonic because it belongs to forces called Apollo.

Onyame Nipa disclosed this on GEROM TV’s Revelations with Maame Grace.

According to Onyame Nipa, shouting goal during football when a team scores a goal is demonic and it means forces of darkness have scored Jesus.

To him, anybody who plays or watches football works for the Apollo forces.

He said football game is between the kingdom of Jesus and the kingdom of darkness.

He further mentioned that any country that has built stadiums for football matches are working for the forces of Apollo.

He however advised individuals to desist from watching football games.

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