Sika Pelli leads Team Lumba to beat team Kojo Antwi on Citi Tv Lumba , Kojo Atwi Challenge

Quabena Ampadu popularly known as Sika Pelli once won the just like Daddy Lumba competition organized by TV3 years back. A competition which got Daddy Lumba himself judge the finals and hand picked Sika Pelli as his heir Apparent.

Since then Sika Pelli have been blessing Ghanaians with solid authentic highlife music which represents the last of the 80s breed.

Recently a trend popped up on Social media comparing the two legends to see how is the greatest of all time in regard to Music in Ghana, this led to a Citi TV competition held last Saturday to see which team really got the bragging rights.

Team Lumba led by Sika Pelli were present to compete but they waited and waited for team Kojo Antwi, but no member of the team showed up, therefore the stage was opened for Sika and his team to heat up the audience present with some juice back to back Lumba songs. which meant for forfeit of Team Kojo Antwi team Kojo Fosu carried the day. Finally Daddy Lumba holds the bragging rights to the Greatest of all Time.

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