Volta Region Musicians Will Take Over The Music Space In Ghana Very Soon – Tokz


Fast rising young Ghanaian music maker, Tokz had divulged confidently that Volta Region musicians will take over the music market sooner.

According to him, the recent attention giving to musicians in the Volta Region at the national industry powerhouse (Accra) is an evidence to his claim.

He maintained that music made in the Ewe lingua is on the rise due to the hard working of some industry persons at the Volta Region.

Tokz in his assertions has registered that music makers in the Volta Region have come to accept and have adopt into the musical trends in other regions and making it up to close the competition. He said “…now Volta Region artistes are doing good music which comes with great lyrical content, production and visuals. They’ve realized how other artistes are making it in their regions and are closing gab to catch up”.

The young musician, Tokz is making name for himself and cementing his brand and style at the Ghanaian music turf.

As a rapper who is fond of making his native language more heard in his songs, Tokz believes he is ready for the market and confident of his style.

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“Tokz, currently has published his latest release “Efi” which has been embraced by the Ghanaian music enthusiasts, Check it out here by clicking on the Link below:
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