Why are top artists hungry during this pandemic ?

Its comes as the shock as our celebrated music acts in Ghana are crying and hungry even after being in the international market

For a while now, the believe that the Music industry in Ghana is not well structured has proven to be true as we have top artists like Edem the C. E. O of the VRMG group and Stone bwoy the Burniton Music Group president are all on social media asking why acts like Shatta Wale and Sarkodie have still not received any royalties even after their hard work and long stay in the industry giving us good music . Also calling for government to come and help the acts so the reigning acts and the upcoming ones don’t end up hungry like our previous legends
Years back there was a request to better the industry by Ghana’s very own Wiyaala
One of the most talented female international acts from Ghana for the system to be changed in order to benefit the future of our industry and improve the status of our artists and also the future of the music industry as a whole but since she was up and coming as at the time we had top artists and fans all coming at her wildly saying all sort of things and insulting the female international act who had seen the light and fore saw the destructive end if our top acts and the future which didn’t exist for our music industry as a whole
I will plead with the authorities in charge of running the affairs of our industry to put to use the things they claim to have gone outside to learn in order to help better the industry to use and restructure the system for us because the artists too have family the fend for also people the work with and help and other dreams they chase after when they are done entertaining us

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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