You Are Lyrically Lazy – Euni Melo Fires At Efe Keyz

Female Songstress Euni Melo indirectly replies to the Juju hitmaker Efe Keyz for saying she doesn’t see any female singer as a threat in the music industry.

Efe Keyz in a chit-chat with Larry Bozzlz on TV Africa’s Video Ride made it clear that she sees no female singer as a threat.


This made Euni Melo, a fast rising female Accra based Songstress known as Teshie Rihanna posted on her Facebook timeline directly and indirectly punching against Efe Keyz on her view of her being the best without any competitor in the music industry.


Euni Melo’s post on facebook which directly disagree with what Efe Keyz said on TV Africa’s video drive also fire at Efe Keyz telling her she is no better than her (Euni Melo) but money has made her (Efe Keyz) popular and not her lyrics and as a matter of facts she is lyrically poor.


The young sontress is set to release another banger titled Naakp3 which she used to make ridicule at Efe Keyz in her recent Facebook post.


Is Euni Melo directly replying to Efe Keyz by telling her she is lyrically better than her?

Or she is trying to beef Efe Keyz?

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