“Your content should be able to influence others positively” – Kobby Kyei

“Radio and Tv content are great weapons in building mindset” – Kobby Kyei charges content creators.

Ghanaian celebrated blogger Kobby Kyei has shared his experience on the Ghanaian use of social media and how it is affecting lives negatively.

According to the blogger, what we feed our minds becomes what we will become, so it’s very important we use social media wisely and direct it to achieving a greater purpose.

The of blogger recounted how the likes Kwaku Ananse Stories, cantata, by the fire side and other educative content on tv influenced a lot of people in the right direction and shaped a lot of lives, comparing it to this our new age where there has been an influx of tv and radio station of which majority of contents on these media are just to lure people into rituals, lotto tickets and money doubling.

Kobby Kyei reiterated that, radio and television are great weapons in building the mindsets of people thus a need for great and innovative content for consumption.

The blogger also charged content creators to be more aware of what they put out for it will go a long way to either affect someone positively or negatively.

Watch full interview here

What does positive content mean? | Kobby Kyei | TEDxSpintex



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