Your Fanfooling fans flee When you drop an Artwork, Mixtic To IOna Reine

CEO of Youngprs.com and Entertainment critique Mixtic RomRas has accused fans of Iona Reine of not supporting the artiste when she drops her works (positive) but will always share and comment when Iona Reine post a controversial photo of herself or an event.

Mixtic fires as Iona Reine drops an artwork about a song she is about releasing dubbed “Could This Be Love”.

In recent time, IOna Reine was reported to have shared a lovey dovey moment with a nice gentleman in a post as speculated to be her new found lover but from all indication, it could be a music video shoot for her upcoming project “Could This Be Love”.

The midwife and the singer who has suffered a lot of controversies ever since she announced her entry into the music space has found her feet on the ground and has good songs to her credit which has dominated the airwaves across the country.

Songs like “Obra, Someha, chop block, gyaime” has given Iona Reine bigger platforms to showcase what she has to the world.

Enjoy her most recent song below

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