“100,000+ views on YouTube is an amazing fate to achieve” – CEO of Raggout Studios & Apparel expresses excitement

CEO of Raggout studios and Apparel, Kwame Apex has shown appreciation to enormous support he has received over the years since the start of his journey and how far he has achieved in these few years.

His channel Raggout Studios achieved a 100,000 views fate in 2 years since the star of his journey and couldn’t find words to express his gratitude to subscribers and fans who are glued to his channel each and every time.

In an exclusive interview, he said the studio was ready this year but content hass been running for the past 2 years and is very happy with the consistency, and also to his team who have been working tirelessly making sure right content are put across.

“RaggOut Studios was set up earlier this year but our contents have been running on YouTube since March 2021 the page was created in 2020.

In the coming months our viewers should expect new and exciting contents like the “New Music This Week” which would come as a segment on the Unpopular Opinion Podcast. We are in the designing stage of a street content were we aim at educating & quizzing random people on the streets about music facts and finally the “Hot Convo” (a truth or Drink conversation) which is a entertainment show were we’ll have the host and the guest play a game of questions, if you fail to answer a question you will be expected to take a shot.

Finally we’d want to thank everyone for their continuous support and feedback which has helped us to grow and improve in every aspect of our content creation journey. I know that 100k views on YouTube is nothing to brag about compared to other channels, but the love shown to us and receiving beautiful comments to encourage us to continue is really something that keeps us engaged and puts a smile on our faces”, he said.

Last year, Raggout collaborated with Sight on Sight for the chaleWote experience contributing to promoting Art and Culture as it correlate with their aim to projecting originality.

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