The G-Unit Plus hotel on Friday the 25th January 2019 hosted over 50 unheard artistes for a seminar arranged to help educate them improve their music careers.

This event was powered by Tunesarena, qn online distribution platform managed by celebrated award-winning DJ, Sherrif Akatah and the multiple awards winning producer Swanzykin.

The event was scheduled to start 12pm and had some great minds to lecture artistes on 4 different topics that are very pressing to the progress of artistes, these speakers were Mr Wisdom Seli who spoke on Artiste empowerment and decided to lay emphasis on some few things artistes can do to help improve their careers and called artistes to be patient if they want to be supported in the industry.

The second speech was by international DJ, Sheriff Akatah, who directed his speech towards the use of social media and most importantly how artistes can distribute their songs on 150 online stores through Tunesarena, he stated that if artistes request for support the right way he wouldn’t hesitate to lay a helping hand.

The Third speech was by Mixtic Romras who is a publicist and a media marketer laid emphasis on the practical application of branding where he emphasized on the fact that there is a way to use branding to help artistes get their music careers on course. He also presented some values of branding and gave examples of brands.

There were some few performances from some of the artiste’s present, where artistes like Euni Melo, Kofi Biso, Lipssy Brew and some few other acts to fire up the occasion, snacks were served for all and finally the fourth Speaker, Swanzykin wrapped the whole event up with a speech on the quality of music production and how important it is to get quality songs out there.

MC of the program was Demzy Gh, who was all fashionable, with the soundhype crew and lens Tv team covering the event footages. Other sponsors were Pizarea, Gunit plus hotel, Lens radio and Sap radio. Artistes who were interviewed showed their gratitude to the organizers and were looking forward for more of such seminars.

The seminar which was held in Somanya witnessed artistes from Capecoast , Accra and other regions pass through, this was unprecedented.

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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