A New Genre..The Moment Show Leads The Way For AFRO JAMA Recognition

The Moment Show, a leading showbiz broadcast programme in the country, hosted by the finest Naa Kwarley Quartey, on LA TV, is leading an advocacy for ‘Afro Jama’ to be officially accepted as a fully fledged genre just like AfroPop, Afrobeat, Highlife, HipHop etc.

Afro Jama is a contemporary rhythm which is heavily featured by ARTISTES from Southern Ghana, particularly the GaDangme region and reaches many Africa countries like Congo DRC, Gambia, Nigeria, South Africa and elsewhere across the world. Notable musicians include King Jerry, Nii Funny, Kotey Another, Fatozia, Skrewfaze, YongTee amongst others. Despite their exceptional performances, these artistes have not been recognized and supported enough over the years.

It is the expectation that, through this advocacy campaign, the music industry, from the local to the international stage, will recognize this great genre and among other things institute and dedicate an award category to it during related ceremonies and to create an avenue to groom and promote artistes within this sphere.

Source: AbladeTv

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