A total lockdown will bring chaos in Ghana – Virgin Blogger


Social media influencer cum journalist Christopher Agbodo Ranson widely known as Virgin Blogger has shared his views with respect to the calls on whether Ghana should join other countries to lock down in the fight against the pandemic.

In a post on facebook, Virgin blogger said that the lockdown of Ghana will be to the disadvantage of the poor and needy who forms the majority of the population.

According to Virgin Blogger majority of Ghanaian’s live from hands to mouth ,whiles some others reside on the street so therefore a possible lock down will bring chaos and affect the less privileged in the country.

A total of 132 persons have so far been confirmed to have been infected with the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) in Ghana.

This comes after 64 new positive cases were announced by the Ghana Health Service on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

The rising cases of Corona virus in the country have heightened calls for Ghana to declare a lock down in order to stop the spread.

Source: www.modern

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