” Agoro Tour” A Captivating Musical Journey Across Europe with Kwame MülZz and More!”

The Nancy Jazz Pulsations tour with “Agoro” is an exciting musical event that is scheduled to kick off in September in France. It aims to promote the N’kabom Project, which is made up of by the talented Belgium-based Ghanaian artiste, Kwame MülZz and His Musical Friends (Lobo EL ,Cotchie,Lil Fyve and Kofi Koojan). This project focuses on collaboration and cultural exchange, bringing together artists from different backgrounds to create unique and captivating music on stage.It all started when Kwame came to Ghana with Lobo EL(world rap freestyle champion)Cotchie,Kiss Saint Rose and made music with local artistes in Accra and Kumasi .
The tour will happen mostly in France and 1 in Belgium .  Ncy Milky Band will power the sound on this tour. Each artist brings their own distinct style and energy to the stage, promising an unforgettable experience for music lovers.
Kwame MülZz has been making waves in the music industry, Hosting The Afrobeats Night in the Gentse Festival in Belgium.Kwame is involved with different Projects .Have you heard the Single “No Bullshit” by “Agoro”. This song is the first single from the group Agoro, who also released an EP called “N’kabom.” The EP was funded by Alliance Français Kumasi and features collaborations with talented rappers from Kumasi, including Lil Fyve, Kofi Koojan, Oko Ahwe, and Lucky born star,Oko Ahwe and many more.

The Nancy Jazz Pulsations tour is not limited to France; it will also travel to other parts of Europe, including Belgium and many other places. The tour aims to bring the vibrant sounds of jazz to different cities and venues, spreading the joy of music and cultural exchange with rap as a focal point.
It’s worth noting that “No Bullshit” has gained significant airplay on France Radio One, further showcasing the growing popularity of Kwame MülZz and The Group “Agoro”.
In conclusion, the Nancy Jazz Pulsations tour is an exciting opportunity to experience the fusion of jazz and cultural exchange. With Kwame MülZz and an incredible lineup of artists, this tour promises to be a musical journey that you won’t want to miss. So mark your calendar for September and get ready to groove to the rhythm of the N’kabom Project
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