‘Allow Her To Do Her Business’ – Medikal Tells People Bashing Hajia Bintu Over Viral ‘Juju’ Promotion Video

A section of social media users have been enraged by a video of the social media sensation, Hajia Bintu advertising a product that can be used to supposedly charm men.

In the viral video that surfaced online On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Hajia Bintu was heard touting the powers of these charms which can make a man give a woman money without thinking twice about it, or never leaving a lady after they have had an encounter in bed.

In his reaction to the backlash Hajia Bintu is receiving online, the rapper asked those attacking her to let her be and do her business in peace.

According to him, the young lady has not held anyone at gunpoint to buy these love portions, rather, those who want to have them will willingly go and get them.

“Allow Hajia Bintu to do her business, if you no go buy the product just pass,” he wrote on Twitter.

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