Antoa should kill me if I didn’t sleep with Chairman Wontumi – Afia Schwarzenegger curses

The online entertainment pundit was answering Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who said Afia Schwarzenegger now has nothing to do with Chairman Wontumi’s norm, accordingly, her cases of laying down with him isn’t correct.

Talking on Wontumi TV, he proceeded with that “Executive says Afia isn’t his norm. We as a whole realize Afia’s history. So how might Chairman Wontumi who is affluent, attractive and has all around refined ladies, ladies of substance as spouses; not even sweethearts come after somebody like Afia?”

His remarks have maddened Afia Schwarzenegger who has chosen to call the divine beings into the matter. Earlier today she posted a video of herself summoning the divine beings to kill her in the event that she lied about laying down with Chairman Wontumi.

“Assuming I am the one shaming the man since he is God and could never have laid down with me so on the off chance that the man hasn’t laid down with me and I guarantee so then, at that point, the divine forces of Antoa ought to kill me,” she said and afterward continued to revile Maurice Ampaw.

“Also, you Maurice Ampaw on the off chance that you know nothing about and came to address shame me may the Antoa divine beings kill Maurice Ampaw and utilize the remainder of his family as thanksgiving penance,” she added.

Before this, the legitimate professional during his meeting said “Prepare. You’ll go to court. You’ll get a writ from Tema High Court. We will sue you so you let the court know when you had intercourse with Chairman Wontumi,” Ampaw said and added that “We go about like we have tossed our virtues to the canines. We will report you to Dampare (IGP) for getting out counterfeit news”.

Afia answered his legitimate danger through the subtitle that she added to the video where she welcomed the ‘Antoa’ divine beings to kill Maurice Ampaw. She stated, “Proberbs 30:10 IS WHAT AM PRACTICING NOW. Presently TELL THE STUPID OLD MEN TO MEET IN COURT IF THEY HAVE BALLS”.

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