Any musician who is not spiritual can never be successful – Virgin Blogger reveals

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Entertainment pundit /journalist and blogger Christopher Agbodo Ranson popularly known as Virgin Blogger has revealed shocking secrets about being a musician.

According to him, music is one of the most powerful forces in the world, acting as both an individual and communal unifying force that can profoundly affect an individual’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

He mentioned music has been used for centuries as part of cultural and religious ceremonies, weddings and other special events, and even medical purposes.

“For many individuals in today’s society, music plays an important role in maintaining one’s spiritual connection to all that exists. By taking a closer look at the power of music and its impact on spiritual health, it becomes apparent that “you can’t win with your canal mind”—we must turn to something beyond the physical to truly experience the power of music” he said.

From ancient religious rituals to today’s modern spiritual practices, music has always played a significant role in spiritual exploration and belief formation. In some parts of the world, music is a form of prayer—from church choirs in Christianity to Sufi religious singing in Islam—spiritual music has the power to bypass our thoughts and transport us to a divine space, beyond the material world. It serves as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, connecting us to a larger consciousness beyond our own mind. In this sense, it can be said that music brings us even closer to our higher selves, or our innermost spiritual core.

Virgin Blogger indicated that music speaks to the deepest parts of the soul, the part that often cannot be expressed through words or physical gestures. When we reach a higher state of consciousness, our canal minds can’t keep up, and it is only through music that we are able to achieve this. As we listen to music, our body’s energetic vibration is elevated and our physical and spiritual connection strengthened. Listening to music, even if that music has no lyrics or discernible message, allows us to enter into a deep meditative state, taking us to the very essence of our spiritual experience.

However Virgin Blogger believes many of the world’s spiritual traditions, such as shamanic drumming and chanting, as well as Eastern meditation practices, rely heavily on the power of music. Music can be used as a tool for releasing energy and accessing altered states of consciousness. Through music, we can explore our inner being, meeting both the spirit and the soul, and allowing ourselves to journey to a space of creative imagination, spiritual awareness, and mental stability.

In conclusion, music can be a powerful way of connecting to our spiritual selves. Music transcends the physical realm, bringing us to a realm of consciousness where our canal minds cannot go. Whether it be through Eastern meditative practices, religious chanting, or shamanic drumming, music has the potential to bring a person to a higher state of being and provide access to spiritual realms beyond our physical connection to the world. By accessing music’s powers, we can unlock our spiritual potential and experience a heightened spiritual awareness.

Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson /Virgin Blogger

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