Be professional with your casting – Actor James Clarke warns movie directors

Ghanaian veteran actor, James Clarke has called on Ghanaian movie directors to be picky in giving acting roles.

The actor and entertainment pundit made this statement with londona on Top Radio’s afternoon drive show dubbed Top Pawa Drive when he was asked his take on his collegue yaw Dabo’s comment on movie lovers been lazy.

“If our kumasi directors are good with giving roles, i doubt all these mistakes will be happening because lots of people have been given roles they dont deserve and that has contributed to such mess in the industry”, James stated.

He added that, Yaw Dabo who has proven to be one of such mess with his comment has been wrongly casted in most of the kumahood movies,because he doesn’t sometimes go according to what has been given to him to play in movie but due to one or two reasons he has the role to play.

James urged kumasi directors to add casting to their movie works now that things are been changed for good in the industry so that such messes wont be repeated for Yaw Dabo to have the urge to come on social media and make such comments to the carft that has made him who he is.


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