Bleak Future to a Certified Lawyer; Detailed Profile of Lawyer Kwadwo Ofori Dankwah, Esq. will Amaze You






Growing up from a broken home was not an easy and an exciting  journey.  You visit  friends and happily see vividly how they are happy with their parents and playing around with them.

Indeed that alone made me realize the future indeed is bleak and to achieve my future goals vanished as no one was ready to  hear me out. I never had a situation where my  parents would ask “what do you want to become when you grow up” for me to even have my wish and dream heard. However, l did not relent but soldier on in life. I had to fend for myself by indulging in all kinds of child labor. Pushing trucks to fetch water for people, following friends to carry loads (goods) from trucks and taking  peanuts to support and survive with it. I saw myself settling down with all kinds of improper and unprofessional jobs and that was the point l sensed my dream was cut short and had to settle for less.


To believe in yourself and push yourself and hope against hope, is not an easy task. To see your classmates sailing through while you are on the streets after senior secondary school , doing construction and menial jobs was a test for me  but I never gave up.


In Ryan Shupe and Rubber Band’s song Dream Big, really and truly changed my whole being by believing in myself and keeping my hopes high. “When you cry be sure, dry your eyes cause better days are sure to come” sparked my turning point.

Through God, planning, dedication, focus, self motivation, perseverance and hard work, I have seen positivity in my life. To become a lawyer is the work of God. I am a lesson to someone and God indeed wanted it to be this way  to enable me tell a story one day.

One lesson l learnt is “when you walk with pride, don’t show the hurt inside, because the pain will soon be gone” .life doesn’t have a formula but we can change to suit ourselves.


Profile of Lawyer Kwadwo Ofori Dankwah, Esq.

Kwadwo Ofori Dankwah, Esq.  is the managing Director of Buffalo Oil Company
Limited, a company incorporated in Ghana and licensed by the National Petroleum Authority to deal with sale, import and allied services in the petroleum downstream sector.

Lawyer Kwadwo Ofori Dankwah recently completed his studies with a professional law course (BL), at the Ghana School of Law in Accra. He was called to the Bar on the 20th day of October, 2023 and he is being certified as enrolled to the Ghana Bar and a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of Ghana.

He also holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management from GIMPA. With this knowledge he has brooked varying integrations in the downstream oil and gas sector which is regulated by the National Petroleum Authority. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate in Environmental and Safety Management from GIMPA, Accra. This he acquired because most of his work in the built environment requires interpersonal engagement with people and communities. With a B.Sc. degree in Management and a good background in Civil Engineering as his basis he serves as a pipeline to achieving targets and results.

In addition, he has pursued several certificate courses in Project Management, Safety Management and Quality Management Systems. Lawyer Kwadwo Ofori Dankwah has served on the Ethics Committee of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies in the past years, also as the immediate past Managing Director for Desert Oil Ghana Limited, General Manager for Rootsenaf Gas Company Limited, an LPG Marketing Company.

Prior, he was the Operations and Marketing manager for Union Oil Ghana Limited where he held this role for eight years. He consults for Juwel Energy a Bulk Distribution Company and Juwel Petroleum (JP)/ JP Trustees. In addition, he has served as an
Assistant Operations and Engineering Supervisor in Glory Oil Company Ltd, Accra.



He has also served in Ghana Highway Authority, Urban Roads Department and Bulk Oil Storage in Accra.


He is a resourceful, hardworking and enthusiastic individual who enjoys working in a team environment, effective planner and a result oriented personality. He has excellent human relations, self-motivation, ability to work under pressure and is always ready to learn. He is a member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) (UK) and has participated in several industry conferences, seminars and training both home and abroad.

Lawyer Kwadwo Ofori Dankwah has several business successes and holds himself very high in esteem as far as business in the Oil and Gas sector is concerned. He is poised to thrive in the legal profession as well, where he yearns to become a transactional lawyer. He aspires to teach in future and will in good time position himself to achieve that endeavor of fulfillment.


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