Change your Name if you really want to do gospel – Mixtic to Iona Reine


Popular Ghanaian music promoter and artist manager, Mixtic, has urged gospel singer iOna Reine to change her name if she truly wants to fully embrace her gospel music career. Mixtic, known for his straightforward opinions, argued that a name change is necessary for iOna Reine to experience a complete spiritual transformation in her musical journey.

Citing biblical examples, Mixtic highlighted the significance of name changes in the context of embracing a new spiritual identity. “Saul became Paul, Abram became Abraham, and even Ofori Amponsah became Evangelist Pastor Alewa,” he explained, drawing parallels to iOna Reine’s situation. Mixtic believes that adopting a new name would symbolize a complete break from her past and mark a fresh start in her gospel music endeavors.

iOna Reine, a talented and versatile singer, has gained considerable popularity in the Ghanaian music scene with her unique style and powerful vocals before considering doing gospel music. The artist, who still bears her old stage name, is currently promoting her latest single, titled “Me no more,” which explores personal growth and transformation.

While iOna Reine has not yet publicly responded to Mixtic’s suggestion, her fans have been buzzing with anticipation, eager to see if she will consider the name change.

Watch the visualizer for iOna Reine’s latest single, “Me no more” below

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