Cyclist completes epic ride to Accra, advocating for clean air and cyclist safety


James Kumbeni, a dedicated cyclist based in Bolgatanga, has achieved an extraordinary feat by completing his cross-country cycling journey from Bolgatanga to Accra. Setting off on this ambitious adventure just four days ago, James has finally been ushered into Accra by members of the cyclists association of Ghana and with support from some security men, where he is currently stationed at the Legon City Mall.

James’s journey isn’t just about covering miles—it’s a mission with a purpose. He is cycling to raise awareness about the importance of clean air initiatives and to advocate for enhanced safety measures for cyclists across Ghana.

Moreover, James’s arrival in Accra holds a dual significance. He is here to extend his support to Joel Atinga Nsobilla, who is undertaking a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest barbecue marathon at the Legon City Mall. Joel’s unique endeavor has drawn attention and excitement, and James is keen to contribute his efforts towards this remarkable feat.

Speaking about his motivations, James emphasized the urgent need to address air quality issues and ensure safer conditions for cyclists navigating Ghana’s roads. He believes that collective action and awareness can bring about positive changes in promoting sustainable transportation and environmental stewardship.

In joining forces with Joel Atinga Nsobilla’s record-breaking barbecue marathon, James hopes to amplify the message of community engagement and healthy living. Together, they are showcasing the power of passion and purpose in driving impactful initiatives that benefit society at large.

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