David Oscar Drops Official Video of ‘Ribidibi’ on Independence Day

Popular Ghanaian reggae artiste, David Oscar Dogbe is set to ignite the flames of patriotism with the release of the official video of ‘Ribidibi’, an uplifting track on his Cosmical Vibration album on 6th March, 2024.
This symbolic date coincides with Ghana’s Independence Day, making the song a powerful tribute to the nation’s rich heritage and hope for the future.
Produced by the renowned Kojo Kemit, “Ribidibi” pulsates with the sweet, infectious rhythms of Ghana. David Oscar’s powerful vocals weave a message of gratitude and praise, echoing the sentiment in the lyrics: “give thanks and praise to Jah everyday…” The song is more than just a soothing tune; it’s a heartfelt expression of appreciation for the blessings bestowed upon the singer and his beloved Ghana. With Ghana celebrating its independence, “Ribidibi” serves as a timely reminder of the nation’s strength and resilience.
David Oscar’s music has always been deeply rooted in his Ghanaian identity, and “Ribidibi” has resonated well with Ghanaians both at home and abroad since its release.
David Oscar is known for back-to-back hit songs including ‘Get there One Day’ ft Afriyie Wutah, ‘Edidigya’, ‘Monalisa’, ‘Legal Tender’, and ‘I am God’. Be among the first to enjoy the official video of ‘Ribidibi’ right here.

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