Dr Likee reveals reason behind his stage name and more.

Ghanaian comedian and skit actor, Ras Nene, stunned Ghanaians when he made some interesting revelations on The Delay Show.

The comedian told his life story and revealed that he was into a lot of illegal activities, which led to him adopting the name Ras Nene.

According to him, he adopted the name from the infamous Nigerian thug, Lawrence Anini, who was greatly feared for his notoriety.

Ras Nene mentioned that people could not pronounce the name Anini properly, and ended up calling him Nene. At the time, the comedian had a rasta hairdo and attached Ras to Nene for dramatic effect.

Ras Nene mentioned that in his youthful days, he was notorious and involved in activities like smuggling and racketeering. The comedian said he turned a new leaf when he grew older and wiser.

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