Emperor T-Jiga’s new single “Sugar” channels Osibisa vibes

Emperor T-Jiga, the Afrobeat sensation, will release his new single titled “Sugar” on December 11th. This highly anticipated release takes inspiration from the iconic band “Osibisa”, known for pioneering the Afro-rock genre.

Emperor T-Jiga’s unique blend of Afrobeat and rock is showcased in this single, promising a fresh and vibrant sound that pays homage to the roots of African music.

With catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, “Sugar” is bound to captivate audiences and leave them craving more.

Fans can expect a fusion of traditional African sounds with a modern twist, as Emperor T-Jiga delivers a high-energy and uplifting track that will undoubtedly have listeners moving and grooving.

With “Sugar,”produced by Francis Genego aka Gaf Beatz, Emperor T-Jiga pays tribute to the rich musical heritage of Africa while adding his own contemporary flair. This release is a testament to his versatility as an artist and his ability to push boundaries within the Afrobeat genre.

Mark your calendars for December 11th and get ready to experience the infectious rhythm and soulful melodies of Emperor T-Jiga’s “Sugar.” It’s a release not to be missed

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