Fire On The Runway, The Year Of Return With Fashion Gurus


Fire on the runway is known for our diversity and ability to connect people from all over the world. Providing opportunities to upcoming models and designers our platform also welcomes established fashion “Gurus” who are interested in growing their brand. We will be hosting our 5th fashion show in Accra Ghana, 7th of December 2019 with 10+ designers and over 25 models streaming live to the US, this is a great opportunity as this is “The Year of return”.
We faced challenges previously as we attempted to host a show in Accra Ghana, however our now efforts and Partnership with Emmanuel from Empire GH Model and Passion for Fashion has regained our hope, strength and ability to produce a phenomenal fashion show.
We are very grateful for the partnership with high confidence in the reformed team as we stand strongly and boldly to host Fire on the Runway Accra Ghana readily.

We are determined to showcase the amazing designers and fabulous models in hopes it will build a bridge between the US and Ghana’s growing fashion industry. The emcee of this inspiring event is meant to bring forward creativity, self expression and ingenuity. We are proud of the prestigious fashion world in Ghana and it is an honor to expand our territory in hopes the future we can invite successful designers and models to showcase in the US.
Our brand is built on Faith and Inspiration, our mission is to change the outlook of the thriving fashion world. In January of 2019 it was recorded the 2.5 trillion dollar industry has potential for many to prosper. “Fire is the triumphs in life and the Runway is our perseverance we hone on building the esteem of others while bringing life to the world one show after the next”.

Thank you to all our followers who have trusted, helped and willing to make this an amazing experience!!!
Please join this year’s celebration Fire on the Runway Accra Ghana.
Thank You,
Neka Malone
Fire on the Runway Founder/CEO

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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