Foto Copy shuts down Kasoa with his maiden concert #iamkasoaconcert2023

The youngest musician in Ghana Foto Copy has pulled over 5000 music lovers for his maiden concert “I am Kasoa concert 2023”.

The 9-year-old artist filled the entire Odupongkpehe park with a stampede at the gate and people flooding to watch the wonder boy perform that 25th March in his hood Kasoa.


The event despite the fasting started by our Muslim family saw a huge turnout. Foto Copy is the youngest musician in Ghana and the first of his age to host his own concert. To crown it all, he hosted two shows on the same day as the headline artist with FOTOFEST2023 in the morning and “I AM KASOA CONCERT” in the evening.

The #Iamkasoaconcert2033 saw an overwhelming crowd who came to witness Foto Copy’s show. Wendy Shay, DopeNation, Keche, Tinny, Agbeshie etc were all there to thrill fans with their craft.


The event was trending no.2 in Ghana and no.19 in the world. Foto Copy has said on occasions he is the face of Kasoa hence there are good things in Kasoa. “I want people to know that there are good things in Kasoa as well, they should take me as the face of Kasoa and ignore all the negative things, we have good talent, companies etc and that is my main reason for this concert”

Enjoy some excerpts from the show

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