Ghanaian Rapper Kojo Lap Signs 5-Year Record Deal with BigApp Records


Fast-rising Ghanaian rapper Kojo Lap, who recently gained recognition as the 1st Runner Up in the Onua TV Kasahare President competition, has taken a significant step in his musical career by signing a five-year record deal with BigApp Records, a prominent Sunyani-based record label. This exciting development not only marks a turning point in Kojo Lap’s career but also showcases the potential and talent within Ghana’s vibrant music industry.


Kojo Lap’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His rise to fame can be traced back to his impressive performances on Onua TV’s Kasahare President, a popular rap competition that serves as a platform for emerging rap talents in Ghana. Kojo Lap’s exceptional skills and lyrical prowess captivated audiences and judges alike, ultimately earning him the prestigious title of 1st Runner Up in the competition.

Kojo Lap’s success on Kasahare President didn’t go unnoticed. BigApp Records, a well-established record label known for nurturing and promoting local talents, recognized Kojo Lap’s potential and wasted no time in offering him a five-year record deal. This partnership signifies a significant boost to Kojo Lap’s music career, as he now has the support and resources of a reputable record label behind him.


Signing a record deal with BigApp Records opens up a world of opportunities for Kojo Lap. It provides him with the professional backing he needs to further hone his craft, create quality music, and reach a wider audience. Additionally, the mentorship and guidance from industry experts within the record label will be invaluable in helping him navigate the complexities of the music business.


With this new record deal, fans and music enthusiasts can expect to see more of Kojo Lap’s talent and creativity unleashed. He will have the platform and resources to produce music that reflects his unique style and perspective, contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of the Ghanaian music scene.


Kojo Lap’s journey from the stages of Kasahare President to signing a five-year record deal with BigApp Records is a testament to the potential and talent that exist within Ghana’s music industry. As he embarks on this new chapter in his career, music fans can look forward to more of his lyrical prowess and artistic innovation. Kojo Lap’s success story is not just his alone but also a reflection of the opportunities that emerging artists can achieve in the Ghanaian music landscape.


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