Ghanaian Startup Tieme Music Announces Partnership With The Orchard




Accra, Ghana - 22 May 2023! Tieme Music is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with The Orchard, full-service global music distribution and artist/label services company operating in 45 cities worldwide.

This strategic collaboration, a landmark achievement for a Ghanaian company, marks a significant milestone for Tieme Music, arriving just a year after the company’s inception. Founded by Paris-based music producer Franck Osei-Mensah, with Charlène Osei-Mensah as country manager for Ghana, Tieme Music has quickly established itself as a comprehensive ecosystem, encompassing a digital streaming service, distribution services, and label services.

Since its launch in 2022, Tieme Music has focused on laying a solid foundation for its operations in Ghana. This involved securing funding, forging valuable partnerships, building a skilled team and expanding their network, as well as fostering unique relationships with established and emerging creatives. These efforts have been instrumental in the growth and success Tieme Music has achieved to date.

The partnership with The Orchard is the culmination of an extensive mission to showcase Ghana as a market brimming with opportunities, and will help position Tieme Music as an ideal partner in the market.

Franck Osei-Mensah, the visionary behind Tieme Music, describes the platform as a digital tool that empowers creatives to be heard on a global scale. The name “Tieme” holds special significance, translating to “listen to me” in the Twi language. This name choice reflects the mission of Tieme Music - to amplify the voice of Ghana, demanding the world’s attention and inviting everyone to listen.

“A core objective of Tieme Music has been to create a home for Ghanaian artists, providing them with the same tools and opportunities they would have if signed by a foreign company. Through demonstrating our capability and dedication, Tieme Music has proven its readiness to spearhead the growth of the Ghanaian music industry. This partnership with The Orchard presents an exciting opportunity for Tieme Music to extend its reach and impact worldwide,” said Osei-Mensah.

Tieme Music has already achieved notable milestones, including the distribution of over 1000 tracks, collaborations with promising artists, and now, establishing a major partnership with The Orchard. These achievements underscore the company’s commitment to fostering the growth and recognition of Ghanaian music both locally and internationally.

With the support of The Orchard and their collective efforts, Tieme Music is poised to make a significant impact on the global music industry, further positioning Ghana as a hub of exceptional talent and creativity.

About Tieme Music
Tieme Music is a Ghanaian startup founded by Paris-based music producer Franck Osei-Mensah. With a comprehensive ecosystem comprising a digital streaming service, distribution services, and label services, Tieme Music aims to empower Ghanaian artists and amplify their voices on a global scale. The company is committed to showcasing the rich cultural heritage and diverse music genres of Ghana while fostering collaboration and growth in the industry.”

About The Orchard
The Orchard is a full-service music distribution company operating in more than 45 cities worldwide. The Orchard’s comprehensive artist & label services offering harnesses innovative technology, transparent data analysis, and expertise to reach fans and grow audiences. Offerings include digital and physical sales and marketing, advertising, brand partnerships, rights management, video monetization, collaborator splits and royalty accounting, publishing administration, neighboring rights, and more. Championed by an exceptional community of music lovers and experts, The Orchard empowers creators and entrepreneurs to grow and adapt in the dynamic, global industry. For further information, visit www.theorchard.com.



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