God will help the NPP to break the 8 – Diana Asamoah

Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, remains optimistic about the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) chances of winning a third term in government, despite the current challenges facing the country.

She acknowledged that Ghana is grappling with economic difficulties and various other issues. Still, she firmly believes that the NPP can overcome the odds and secure another term in office.

When asked about the chances of the NPP breaking the 8 she said, “It shall come to pass and God will help us [NPP] to break the 8 and continue the governance in Jesus’ name!”

She added, “With the rate of the dollar, God has been good to us because the whole world was battling with COVID-19 so hardship exists everywhere. We are now striving to recover the economy.

The foreign countries are using revenue from taxes to improve the country. In Ghana, if you decide to tax the people, the way and manner they would insult the government. I pay taxes all the time. So Ghanaians should exercise patience for the government to put measures in place to stabilize the economy.”

Diana Asamoah stated that she does not support any candidate in the NPP primaries and stressed that she would be fine with whoever emerges as the winner.

“God chooses king so whoever wins I am fine with it,” she said.



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