“He’s not serious… iOna Reine hits back at blogger

As reported on our site Youngprs.com concerning iOna Reine latest single, Gyamie where Mixtic accused the talented singer of song sampling, a lot of talks has been made concerning the song as to whether it’s free from copyright infringement or not.

IOna Reine was the first to react to the publication saying, “Well, i never expected my good intentions to grow into controversies, i tried though and i am still willing to do what it takesto ensure the Legend gets the deserving honor.”

Others were also giving instances of some artists who have sampled songs of legendary artists to make name for themselves.

The recent comment that caught our attention was a post made by Monny Kwku Combs that says,

“He is not serious – even in America where copy right is so strong kuraa they do sampling of old songs, i dont know why Ghana is like that. Burna Boy always samples Fela kuti’s songs and even he won grammy with them – i never saw any Nigeria Industrial player calling for his head. I think this country Ghana anaa; there is a problem of how the foundation was built. Smh always killing talents with nkwasia critics – Old songs are sampled so it does not lose its maturity. He just wants to kill this beautiful song.”

Well the issue is not who did what and who is doing something, but as it stands, is it the way forward or the new trend?

IOna Reine is one of the talented female musicians we have currently and much is expected of her as an artist not discrediting her beautiful piece “Gyamie”

Enjoy this beautiful piece from IOna Reine

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