All set for “Road to my father’s compound” premier, schedules for February 11.

The most anticipated movie “Road to my father’s compound” is said to be premiered at the Snap Cinema (AMA building) Accra, on the 11th February 2022.

The movie will be premiered exclusively at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm respectively.

“Road To My Father’s Compound”is the first of a poetry-film, and romance comedy drama in connection with the Ghanaian custom which features Bless Fortune, Aaron Adatsi, Benedict Yeboah, Edinam Adatsi and other talented casts making the movie standout as one of the favorites movies audience would enjoy in the year 2022.

Speaking to the brain behind this outstanding movie in an exclusive interview, Benedict Yeboah shared his experience on how things folded in making of “road to my father’s compound, and even on set, how the casts were able to connect with each other and bringing out the best of the characters as the writer imagined.

“Well it was a bit difficult especially putting all the characters together but what made it easier was the connection between the actors and actress on set. Due to their talents and understanding of each character, shooting of the scenes were not much of a challenge”, Benedict Yeboah recounted.

When ask of the expectations for the movie, he said “I will encourage every Ghanaian to see this movie on February 11, 2022. It is filled with passion and has a lot of lessons to take home after watching.” He also thank everyone who made the movie possible from the casts to the directors and investors.

Road to my father’s compound is going for 40 cedis per head. For tickets and reservations, dial *713*33*48#
call 0557237730 / 0275048050 or for purchasing.

“Road to my father’s compound is a BENEDICT YEBOAH FILM.

Watch Thriller via the link



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