I started sleeping with men at the age of 16– Kisa Gbekle reveals

Ghanaian multi-talent Kisa Gbekle, renowned for her roles as an actress, football manager, and singer, has shared intimate revelations about her past and the realities of the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview on Kingdom FM, Kisa delved into her early life experiences, touching on the impact of peer influences during her teenage years.

Her candid insights also shed light on the disturbing trend of individuals resorting to extreme measures for fame and the complex dynamics between aspiring actresses and movie producers.

In the interview, Kisa Gbekle offered a glimpse into her formative years, shedding light on her journey from adolescence to her current role as a multifaceted public figure.

She spoke openly about the influence of her female friends when she was just 16 years old, revealing that they played a pivotal role in shaping her decisions during that crucial phase of life.

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