If not for Prayers Sista Afia and I would have been dead – Bisa Kdei recounts

Highlife musician Roland Kwaku Dei Appiah, known by his stage name Bisa Kdei, has shared a bizarre moment in his life where he had a close shave with death.

The ‘Mansa’ hit maker also revealed that he was not the only musician involved in an accident but he was with female singer Sista Afia.

According to Bisa Kdei, he strongly believes that had it not been for prayers he and his team offered to God that moment, they would have been dead long ago.

Sharing his ordeal on Accra-based Hitz FM with Dr Pounds, Bisa Kdei recounted “we were coming back from Aburi and something was telling me that we should pray repeatedly with my boys. So I told them that I feel like something is telling us to pray so we parked on the roadside. By then I had signed Sista Afia few days earlier. Sista Afia was even part of the team.

“So we parked and we all held our hands and prayed, 15 minutes later we crashed with two cars. It was bad, and at that time, I thought I had lost my voice. All of us had our necks locked but I stood up like a robot and went to check on my boys; everybody was okay but the cars were all damaged. It was crazy, Bisa Kdei revealed.

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