Kantanka is more powerful than Jesus Christ, don’t pray through Him – Osebo The Zaraman

Ghanaian fashionista, Osebo The Zaraman has sparked a hot conversation piece on the internet following his recently tagged ‘blasphemous’ remarks about Jesus.

According to Osebo, praying through Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka is more powerful than through Jesus Christ.

He made these bold assertions when he spoke to entertainment blogger, Sammy Kay on the Go Online Show

According to Richard Brown, even citizens of Israel have been asked not to mention the name of Jesus in the country yet Ghanaians still pray in his name.

“I just heard last week that Israel has asked its citizens to stop praying or discussing Jesus. If you are caught you’ll be jailed for one year,” he asserted.

“This is the bitter truth, the God of Israel is not the same as the God of Ghana. In the past God cared only for the Israelites that is why he gave them the ability to conquer other nations and snatch their lands,” he pointed out.

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